Custom Manufacturing

Our Custom Manufacturing division sources timber direct from the mill and produces all roof trusses, feature doors and windows required for your custom designed home.  We also manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets in a variety of finishes.  That means you get the very best in quality production and allows you the flexibility to fit out your ideal home based on your particular requirements.

QCD Homes can also provide custom manufacturing services for the owner-builder, whether its roof trusses, timber frames, lockup and fix items, or custom-designed and manufactured kitchens.  Our timber windows will also provide a great quality solution, to meet the exacting requirements of your custom home.  Its all available through us.  Due to our buying power, we can also source bricks and roof tiles, as well as aluminium window house lots.  Please get in contact with us and see how we can help you achieve your dream home!

QCD Building Supplies: our advantage in quality control

Quality Custom Design Homes takes out the middle man

QCD Building Supplies allows us greater flexibility & quality control when compared to other builders as we actually manufacture all of the timber products you see in our display homes. Not depending on other suppliers means we can reproduce what you see on display every time. It also means we can tailor items to suit you specifically, at a very competitive price. Some examples of the items we produce ourselves can be seen below.

Custom home builders & manufacturers    

Joinery in all forms is custom built in our own workshop under the careful supervision of experienced craftsmen. This means there is no limit to the design or range of materials available.

Structural items, such as roof trusses, are also manufactured here ensuring a higher level of quality control behind the plaster!

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Solid timber feature doors as seen in many of our displays are also one of our specialties.

Durable western red cedar windows of any style, shape & size are handmade right here.

For the owner builder, QCD Homes is the one stop shop. We can supply almost any materials you may require, from start to finish, to complete your individual project. Give us a call; you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how much we can do for you. Telephone: 9743 0122 Fax: 9743 0665

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