Your new home is an expression of your dreams, your hopes and your future,

just as your new investment property is an expression of your achievements, and an opportunity for growth.

Your dream home shouldn't be mass produced, a mere tick-a-box build, with components tacked together with little thought for the wear and tear of modern day living.

That's why the experienced team at QCD Homes create true custom designed homes as unique as you are individual, with the features that you choose, colour schemes that you desire, subtle touches that enhance those special points of difference.

For over 60 years, generations of quality craftspeople at QCD Homes have created exciting, bespoke builds that stand out from the monocrete crowd. It's quality without the monstrous price tag, affordable and easily comparable to suburban display homes.

Our custom manufacturing facilities in Melbourne mean that specific components such as windows, doors and cabinetry are built right here by experienced trades people and to exacting Australian standards.

At QCD, our experienced team of family builders believes your dream home can't be found in the Sunday paper. Your dream home isn't one of a dozen on the go. Nor are its components out of a cargo container from China. It's a unique build by a dedicated team.

But with QCD, your dream will finally come to life - it's everything you've ever wanted, the features you've always imagined, in one beautiful complete package.
Quite simply, it's what you deserve.

Take a peek at our gallery of amazing designs that we've achieved for Victorian families and investors alike. But first, meet the local team who will bring your dream to life at about us. Then call us on 03 9743 0122 or email now to discuss how easy it is to create your own piece of Victorian architectural history.